Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silence Is Golden

Yes, I know I have not been good about keeping this blog up recently. Yes, I will do better. No, I have not been crafting much, or working out much, or anything else much except get ready for the new school year. My fellow teachers (retired, too!) know what this time of year is like. Yes, I have had the multiple back to school dreams. If you don't know back to school dreams, they typically go something like this - it's the first day of school and nothing is ready OR it's the first day of school and your class is a compilation of all the most poorly behaving students EVER. I've already had both. I even had one in which two co-workers were engaged in an illicit affair - but for their sakes, I won't say anymore. This year, in the spirit of my crazy, hyper motivation, I am redoing and adding a lot of different elements to my classroom. So, this has been my recent focus and has been fulfilling my crafty nature and my recent need for excessive organization. When the classroom is complete, I promise to post some pictures, as I know many other teachers are following my blog and may be interested in my ideas - mostly stolen from other teachers' blogs and not my own.
Oh yeah, we also took a trip to Michigan. It can't be my trip to somewhere I've never been because, well, I've been there. However, it was fun and beautiful and all the good things you can say about a trip. Here are a few of my favorite photos. There aren't many since I left the memory card in our computer (in Kansas), and it took us a few trips to local (unfamiliar) stores to find a new, right one. I apologize for the layout being a little wack-a-doo, but I don't want to mess with it anymore tonight.
Play time with our adorable nephew, Evan
Goofing around with our beautiful niece, Reagan

Men making fire for s'mores on the beach...trickier than you think!

Reagan and Evan enjoy Lake Michigan with their mom, Sara (Adam's sister), after s'mores.

Our private beach view - just for Adam and I on this occasion! Best part of the trip!
Stayed tuned for my new classroom early next week!

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