Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dollar Tree, How I Love Thee

I've nearly finished the second craft of my monthly craft project goal already. I just needed a simple and inexpensive 5x7 frame to finish it off. So, I made a stop at my new favorite place...Dollar Tree. Yes, a dollar store is the new love of my life. I quickly found my frame (just $1!) and the wandered around looking for more great buys. There are so many to be had there - yes, a lot of generic products - but also a lot of "real" products, too. However, my favorite find today were these:
Yes, they are bins. Whoopity do, you say? Yes, whoopity do! These are just want I have been looking for to organize my classroom library. If you want any, well that's just too bad...because I bought them all! At four different Dollar Trees. Yes, I drove to four different stores to stock up on these sweet babies! And yes, they are kind of flimsy - definitely more generic than Rubbermaid. But, let's face it...the average age of the users of these buckets will be approximately nine or ten years old. I could stock my shelves with bins fortified by bulletproof material, and they would find a way to destroy them within seconds. I'm now completely ready to organize as I've also purchased some very cute labels I bought with money donated to my classroom through www.adoptaclassroom.org. Unfortunately, these are trapped in the confines of school, and I can't share them with you at the moment. However, I will most definitely share the completed project in the coming weeks...or perhaps months...we'll see how longs this endeavor takes!

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